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Livros e Artigos de Interesse

Segue-se uma lista de livros e artigos de varios auctores. São discutidos e debattidos varios themas, geralmente numa perspectiva liberal. Politica, economia, historia, religião, etc... Os documentos são expostos alphabeticamente, e por auctor.

Não se faz a ligação directa para os textos, mas a maioria, senão todos, pode ser encontrada facilmente na Internet.

Tambem, e finalmente, convem referir que é muito interessante toda uma serie de “notas” da Libertarian Alliance. Notas historicas, economicas, politicas, philosophicas, sociologicas... Não são referidas na lista que se segue, mas podem ser encontradas no site da Alliança, na secção de publicações: www.Libertarian.co.uk.

Boas leituras.


Bruce Benson:

Customary Law With Private Means of Resolving Disputes and Dispensing Justice: A Description Of a Modern System of Law and Order Without State Coercion.
Enforcement of Private Property Rights in Primitive Societies: Law Without Government.
Reciprocal Exchange as the Basis for Recognition of Law.

Gary North:

Conspiracy Theories VS The Religion of Democracy
Gold and Deflation
Gold Isn't Money, Yet
Misunderstanding Higher Education
Money Statistics as Inflation Predictors. Gary North's Remant Review
Political Polytheism
Self-Education for the Cost of Toner
The Sanctuary Society and its Enemies
The Snare of Government Subsidies
The Yield-Curve: The Best Recession Forecasting Tool
Understanding Higher Education
What Made Rothbard Great
When Justice is Aborted
When the Music Stops

George Reisman:

Globalization: The Long-Run Big Picture
The Toxicity of Environmentalism
Why Nazism was Socialism and Why Socialism is Totalitarian

Hans-Hermann Hoppe:

A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism
Marxist and Austrian Class Analysis
On the Origin of Private Property
The Misesian Case Against Keynes
The Role of the Property and Freedom Society in a Crazy World

Lew Rockwell:

Government Garbage
Rockwell's Anti-Environmentalist Manifesto
The Economics of Liberty
War and Inflation
Why Austrian Economics Matters

Louis-Ferdinand Céline:

Bagatelles pour un Massacre
L'École des Cadavre
Mea Culpa

Murray Rothbard:

America's Great Depression
In Defense of Extreme Apriorism
Law, Property Rights, and Air Pollution
Making Economic Sense
Nations by Consent
Toward a Reconstruction of Utility and Welfare Economics

Walter Block:

A Libertarian Case for Free Immigration
Is There a Right to Immigration?
On Immigration – Reply to Hoppe
Taking the Assets of Criminals to Compensate Victims of Violence
The Death Penalty
The Economics and Ethics of Land Reform
Toward a Libertarian Theory of Guilt and Punishment for the Crime of Statism


An Open Letter to Ayn Rand. Roy Childs
The Invisible Hand Strikes Back. Roy Childs

Democracy's Most Critical Defect. Robert Higgs
Wartime Prosperity? A Reassessment of the US Economy in the 1940s. Robert Higgs

Making Kids Worthless. Oskari Juurikkala
Old-Age Security Without the State. Oskari Juurikkala

The Inner Ring. CS Lewis
Willing Slaves of the Welfare State. CS Lewis

Coming Soon: a Global Central Bank, Global Currency, and World Government. Andrew Gavin Marshall
Entering the Greatest Depression in History. Andrew Gavin Marshall

A Construcção do Estado-Providencia em Portugal: Evolução da Despesa Social 1935-2003. José Pereirinha, Daniel Carolo
Prestações Sociaes no Corporativismo Portuguez. Pereirinha, Arcanjo, Carolo

A Plan for the Abolition of Slavery. Lysander Spooner
To the Non-Slaveholders of the South. Lysander Spooner

A Evolução da Mortalidade, da Natalidade e da Fecundidade. Helder Cardoso Pereira
Alexandre Herculano Contra o Absolutismo da Centralização. Carlos Novais
America's Ruling Class, and the Perils of Revolution. Angelo Codevilla
Ancient History: US Conduct in the Middle East Since World War II and the Folly of Intervention. Sheldon Richman

Back Door to War. Charles Tansill
Bankruptcy as an Economic Intervention. Lawrence White
Bias. Comment les Médias Déforment la Réalité. Gilles Guénette
Black Flag. Guerilla Warfare in the Trans-Mississipi: Roger Busbice
Bye-Bye Bismarck. Anthony Mueller

Climate Change Hits Mars. Times Online
Climate Change and Global Warming Policies: On or Off the Bandwagon? Jean-Hugo Lapointe
Contracts in Cyberspace. David Friedman
Crisis of the US Dollar System. William Engdahl

Dear Baby Boomers of America. Mark Crovelli
D.F. Fleming on “the Origins of the Cold War”. Alan Milchman
Don't Recycle, Throw It Away. Roy Cordato
Do We Ever Get Out of Anarchy? Alfred Cuzon
Dr Andrew Wakefield on the Autism-Vaccine Controversy and His Ongoing Professional Persecution. Anthony Wile

Econometrics: a Strange Process. Robert Murphy
Economic Recessions, Banking Reform and the Future of Capitalism. Jesus Huerta de Soto
Environmentalism as a Religion. John Ostrowski
Esprit Critique, Es-Tu Là? Carl-Stéphane Huot

Founding Father of our New Country. James Quinn
Four Thousand Years of Price Controls. Thomas DiLorenzo
From Mutual Aid to Welfare State: How Fraternal Societies Fought Poverty and Taught Character. David Beito

Global Warming: the Cold, Hard Facts. Timothy Ball
Guerilla of Arabia: Neil Faulkner
Gustave de Molinari and the Anti-Statist Liberal Tradition. David Hart

Henry David Thoreau and Civil Disobedience. Wendy McElroy
Hérésies de Vatican II et de Jean-Paul II
Hernando Cortes' Invasion of the Aztec Empire. Davidian
How, Actually, Does the State Work? Jeff Knaebel
How More Produces Less in Iraq. Tom Engelhardt e Michael Schwartz
How The New York Stock Exchange Really Works. David Kramer
How The October Insurrection Actually Took Place. Leon Trotsky

Imperialism and the Logic of War Making. Joseph Salerno
In Praise of Profiteering. Chris Leithner
Is Gold an Inflation Hedge? Robert Blumen
Is Inequality Necessarily Bad? Art Carden
Is The Starving Man Free? Ben O'Neill

Justice Entrepreneurship in a Free Market. George Smith

La Crise de l'Etat, et l'État de Crise Permanent. Martin Masse
Les Élites en Lutte Contre l'Arme Démographique des Pauvres. Mécanopolis
Letter on the Peace Conference. Leo Tolstoy
L'Union Européenne Est-Elle Vraiment Libérale? Philippe Jaunet

Marx and Engels on Insurrection. Staline
Marxism and Insurrection. Vladimir Ilitch Lenin

Neo-Conned. Ron Paul
New World Order Rising. Steven Yates
No Guns. Charley Reese
Not Just Survival. Not Just of the Fittest. Gary Galles

100 Years of US Medical Fascism. Dale Steinrich
Opposição Radical ao Sionismo. Sayed Nasrallah

Panama Has no Central Bank. David Saied
Payer Moins d'Impôts? Jamais de la Vie! Paul Beaudry
Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace. Harry Elmer Barnes
Petrodollars and Inflation. Tim Swanson
Poisonous Misinterpretations. Scott Horton
Politics as a Vocation. Max Weber
Profits and High Prices: More Economic Nonsense. William Anderson

Retribution and Restitution, a Synthesis. Peter Ferrara

Scotland: a Model for the Rest of Us. Rob Blackstock
Solar and Celestial Causes of Global Warming. Donald Miller
Statistiques pour Etatistes. Gilles Guénette
Still Not Convinced HIV is Bogus? James Foye
Supremacy by Stealth. Robert Kaplan
Sweden: Poorer Than You Think. William Anderson

Tales of the Holohoax. A Journal of Satire
Time as a Price. Predrag Rajsic
Toward a Theory of State Capitalism: Ultimate Decision-Making and Class Structure. Walter Grinder e John Hagel
The Case for Market Coordination. Pierre Desrochers
The Conquest of the United States by Spain. William Graham Sumner
The Constitution as Counter-Revolution. Jeffrey Rogers Hummel
The Cultural and Spiritual Legacy of Fiat Inflation. Jorg Guido Hulsmann
The Day the Dollar Died. John Galt
The End of Empire. Sean Corrigan
The Forgotten Presidents. Luis Gonzalez
The Gandhi Nobody Knows. Richard Grenier
The Liberal Assault on the Poor. Jacob Hornberger
The 19th Century Libertarian Critique of Fascism. Roderick Long
The Not So Wild West. Terry Andersen
The Problem of Accuracy of Economic Data. Philipp Bagus
The Revolt of the Masses. José Ortega y Gasset
The Role of Personal Justice in Anarcho-Capitalism. Karl Fielding
The Rule of Law Without the State. Spencer Heath MacCallum
The Underground Economy. Hans Sennholz
The Use of Knowledge in Society. Friedrich Hayek
The Verge of Ruin. Sean Corrigan
The War to End all Wars. Laurence Vance
Trotsky's Courtroom Speech in Defence of Insurrection
Truncating the Antecedents: How Americans Have Been Misled About World War II. Robert Higgs

Um Caso de Violencia Politica: o Verão Quente de 1975. Analyse Social XXXVIII. Diego Palacios Cerezales
Unofficial List of High-Powered Attendees at Bilderberg 2009. American Free Press. Junho 200

War is a Racket. Smedley Butler
War is the Health of the State. Randolph Bourne
Welcome Home, War! Alfred McCoy
What Has Government Done to Our Families? Allan Carlson
What is Fascism? John Flynn
What is Wrong with Econometrics. Frank Shostak
What World War III May Look Like. Philipp Giraldi
Where Will Anarchists Keep the Madmen? John Sneed
Why the United States is Hated All Over the World. Fred Reed
Why We Will Lose in Afghanistan. Christopher Booker

Zimbabwe: a Fresh Start. Alf Field

terça-feira, 27 de outubro de 2015

Michel Random: Les Contes des Arts Martiaux

Jacques Neirynck: Le Huitième Jour de la Création

Tomás de Barros: Gramática Portuguesa

Chantecler: La Magie des Illusions d'Optique

Franz Kafka: O Processo

Montelle: Les Plus Beaux Contes de Suisse

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj: Je Suis

Ouspensky: Fragments d'un Enseignement Inconnu

Edmond Rostand: Cyrano de Bergerac

Jules Verne: De la Terre à la Lune

Jules Verne: Cinq Semaines en Ballon

André Brink: Une Saison Blanche et Sèche

Didier Van Cauwelaert: Un Aller Simple

Tolkien: O Senhor dos Aneis

Alexandre Dumas: Le Comte de Monte Cristo

La Fontaine: Fables

Jules Verne: Le Tour du Monde en 80 Jours

segunda-feira, 26 de outubro de 2015

Conte: Les Trois Petits Cochons

Guy de Maupassant: Contes de la Bécasse

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: Le Petit Prince

Honoré de Balzac: Le Père Goriot

Kafka: Charta ao Pae

Jorge Amado: Capitães da Areia

Andrée Chedid: La Maison Sans Racines

Pascal Quignard: La Frontière

Eça de Queirós: Os Maias


American Splendor

Pierre Miquel: La Seconde Guerre Mondiale

Pierre Berloquin: 50 Paris Impossibles

Sun Tsu: L'Art de la Guerre

Alexandre Serpa Pinto: Como Eu Atravessei a Africa

Clausewitz: De la Guerre

Jean Préposiet: Historia do Anarchismo

Livro Infantil: Copain des Bois

Conto: Le Chat Botté

Hergé: Tintin au Congo

Lew Rockwell: The Irrepressible Rothbard

Murray Rothbard: The Ethics of Liberty

Etienne de la Boétie: The Politics of Obedience

Rui Pereira: Euskadi

Gore Vidal: Burr